venerdì 9 aprile 2010

My Exhibition in London

Imprints of the Earth - Simona Ciobotariu

The glorious visual imprints of the earth resonates with Simona Ciobotariu’s collection of art by oxidation, exhibited at TeaSmith Gallery, Spitalfields.

Simona documents nature at work through her encounters on the streets, empty factories, barren fields and abandoned houses in Parma, Italy.

The photographs capture nature in its abstract form or so you think, as the real subject is oxidation of metal scraps. Given sufficient oxygen and water, iron mass eventually converts entirely to rust and disintegrates into nothingness. Simona has captured a stage between these transitions before the earth reclaims it. A phase of interest of an abandoned piece of metal well past its glory days.

Born in Transylvania and a recent decade in Italy, Simona is on a short stay in London mastering Photography at The Metropolitan University.

Sushi, coffee, conversations, cigarettes, red heads are her road to heaven. Open her mystical jar and you will be there too.

Of course, the camera comes along.

Editors Note:

12 April – 09 May 2010

Private View:
16 April 6:30 - 9 pm

TeaSmith Gallery
6 Lamb Street
E1 6EA

Opening Hours:
7 days, 11am - 6 pm